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AnimAID is a project focused on facilitating the search for lost animals through a community involved in animal welfare.

We recommend that you finish reading everything we have to tell you, but if you can't wait any longer to start collaborating

Click here to see the animals that are currently being searched for in your area.

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This project does not depend on anyone other than its authors, we do not receive subsidies of any kind or connect with any public entity or share data with anyone.

We want this project to grow with new functions useful for the community and beneficial for animals, so we value the best way to be able to collaborate and create networks with NGOs, associations and further consolidate AnimAID as a reference in searching and animal care.

Mutual COLLABORATION is one of the engines of this initiative. How can I support?:

You can make your contribution through::

Bank transfer: ES55 2100 2904 0702 1639 0442

Concept: Contribution AnimAID

Beneficiary: AnimAID

Bitcoin: Bidi Bitcoin

Ethereum: Bidi Ethereum

For other methods of financial contribution, contact us.

Thank you very much for your support.

We Animals :)

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